“DRY BONES” and “LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS” to Double Feature World Premiere in Buffalo


DRY BONES, the latest from SLIME CITY director Gregory Lamberson is ready to be unveiled. Coincidentally, so is the new feature from his DRY BONES cinematographer, Sam Qualiana (SNOW SHARK: ANCIENT SNOW BEAST), THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS. Thus, a double header of a world premiere is planned for Thursday, September 26 at the Market Arcade Film and Arts Centre in Buffalo, NY, before the two films head gear up for theatrical and festival screenings in the ensuing weeks.

DRY BONES tells the story of a man (co-director Michael O’Hear) who returns to the childhood house where he was traumatized by a monster under his bed. The monster turns out to be a succubus which has been waiting for him. THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS meanwhile, sees two documentary filmmakers (Qualiana and Andrew Elias) set out to prove the existence of a legendary monster with three fingers on each hand.

In addition to Rochon, SIX FINGERS has turns from Lynn Lowry and Tiffany Shepis. DRY BONES stars BASKET CASE actor Kevin VanHentenryck.

Following the premieres, DRY BONES screens at PollyGrind, the underground film festival which runs from October 9th-14th. THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS plays at the Screening Room in Amherst on Friday, October 11th and Saturday, October 12th at 9:30 pm. DRY BONES will have a full week run at the same venue Friday, October 18th – Friday, October 25th.

For more, see the DRY BONES trailer below and keep up with the films at their Official Facebooks.


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