Duplass does found footage; shows his “PEACHFUZZ”


by: Samuel Zimmerman on: 2013-01-18 00:57:36

Blumhouse, purveyor of last year’s SINISTER, THE BAY and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 continues supplying low budget frights.

Jason Blum and his genre-focused production company will be releasing the debut feature from Patrick Brice. Produced by acclaimed indie filmmakers the Duplass Brothers, and written and starring by Mark Duplass (who also wrote Katie Aselton’s BLACK ROCK), the found footage PEACHFUZZ “follows the story of a young man who answers a Craigslist ad and gets much more than he bargained for.”

Mark and Jay Duplass, often credited with being integral to mumblecore, previously dabbled in horror with BAGHEAD, which at moments hit seriously eerie notes.

No word on release just yet.


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