Duplass, Wilde-starring “LAZARUS” Rises January 2015


January 30, 2015 will see the release of upcoming medical student-centered horror film LAZARUS, starring Mark Duplass (THE LEAGUE), Olivia Wilde (DRINKING BUDDIES), COMMUNITY’s Donald Glover and AMERICAN HORROR STORY star Evan Peters.

Backed by contemporary horror producer extraordinaire Jason Blum, and directed by David Gelb (JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI!) from a script by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater, LAZARUS (formerly REAWAKENING) concerns “research students mapping the human brain, accidentally killing one of their own, and unwittingly unlocking a deadly force by reanimating their colleague.”

Many have noted the January 30, 2015 date is that year’s Super Bowl weekend. Perhaps it’s just a frame of reference, but more interesting is that this Frankenstein-ish film (at least in the sense of reanimating a corpse, possibly no other) will now arrive two weeks after the Daniel Radcliffe-starring FRANKENSTEIN film. Both hit just around a year after next month’s I, FRANKENSTEIN, as well. That’s not to mention Dr. Frankenstein and possibly his monster are expected in this spring’s Showtime series PENNY DREADFUL. Is the Modern Prometheus next year’s Witches?

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