First Footage from Eli Roth’s “THE GREEN INFERNO”


After world premiering at TIFF and secret screening at Fantastic Fast to stellar reception, Eli Roth is beginning to reveal his (fantastic) return to directing to the world at large. The filmmaker appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week to celebrate Halloween, and brought a look at the film’s swirling plane crash. Now, THE GREEN INFERNO’s opening titles are available online thanks to Vimeo user Gyrmo.

UPDATE: The opening titles have been made private on Vimeo. You can still see the first clip from the film, below. 

Both clips are wonderful teases. At Fantastic Fest, the plane crash easily became one of my favorites onscreen, encapsulating the film’s intense vibe, but also severely dark sense of humor typical of Roth. These opening titles meanwhile introduce the vast, isolated region the film’s ensemble is held captive in. They also serve to partly showcase how colorful the film gets, vibrantly capturing the Amazon and its inhabitants.

THE GREEN INFERNO finds a group of would-be activists trapped in the Amazon after their plane out goes down. There, they’r’e captured by a cannibalistic tribe.

The very fun, very bloody GREEN INFERNO will open next year courtesy of Open Road. It’s a great return from Roth, who fashions his own identity onto the beloved (by horror fans) cannibal genre. For more, see both videos below, and our review from TIFF. [Thanks, BD]

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