Elvira Tees Tease & Tantalize! (MERCH REVIEW)


Still sexy as ever, Cassandra Peterson continues to rock her tattered black Elvira threads, her most-recent high-profile appearance causing commotion on the red carpet at the premiere for Tim Burton’s FRANKENWEENIE. While she does prefer to party in Cassandra clothes, she looked simply stunning and as if she really were the immortal Elvira. From Morticia to Vampira, the hourglass (figure) never runs out, but it’s Elvira whose legend endures the most, thanks in no small part to the lady herself. 


Certainly the Mistress of Merchandising, Peterson —  gracing everything from pinball machines to Coors commercials to comic books and Halloween costumes — now presents her very first full-on clothing line. Yep, the fatal fashionista sure knows how to strut her stuff, and she’s proud to team up with Kreepsville 666 on an exclusive collection.

I was lucky enough to get to wear and review some of these cool, kitschy things for FANGO, and here what I thought: The tee-shirt I received was the one called “Big Hair” which features the Mistress of the Dark in a headshot, with her trademark beehive standing tall and taking up most of the front of the shirt. The words, in jagged print, “Elvira” grace the top of the garment, just below the neckline. The sizing is correct: I asked for a small, and it fix my petite frame as expected. It’s black cotton, screened, and is pretty standard issue. I think a low-neck or cap sleeves would be cuter and more in line with the lady’s style, but for $22 it’s a square deal.


Moving onto the jewelry, I received the $32 Elvira crucifix rosary necklace, which is festooned with four freaky charms (bats and skulls, hollow-back) and is mainly black and silver in color. The large cross is approx 6.5cm (h) and hangs nicely between the breasts if you’re wearing something low-cut. The very reasonably priced 2-finger cross ring is adjustable and features an enamel Elvira with skull detail surround, and is approx 6.5cm (w). Though it’s large, it still manages to look elegant and is comfortable to wear. The necklace comes in a lovely velvet-like drawstring pouch, while the ring is attached to a thick paper backing and is wrapped in plastic.

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Overall, especially for the prices, the exclusive Elvira merchandise put out by www.kreepsville666.com/ is worth a look if you’re a Mistress of the Dark fan.

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