Enter the “GARDEN OF HEDON” with “CLOWNS” director

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Indie filmmaker Kevin Kangas, the man behind the FEAR OF CLOWNS movies, is moving forward with GARDEN OF HEDON, a freaky fright feature for which he’s raising the last part of his budget on-line. He gave Fango a few details about the project, as well as info on how you can be involved.

GARDEN OF EDEN opens with a man waking up in a room next to the body of a dead woman, with no memory of how he got there or even any clue where he is. Trying to find help, he instead finds himself in the middle of a bizarre party rife with sex, drugs—and more murders. “GARDEN is an experimental little movie that’s going to be a cross between the good 10 minutes of EYES WIDE SHUT—the mansion masquerade—and a supernatural element,” Kangas tells us. “It’s sort of like a giallo mixed with the fantastique—but it will have some great gore and a new ‘monster’ that I guarantee everyone’s gonna love.”

Like a growing a number of filmmakers recently, Kangas is seeking to amass a portion of his budget through crowd-source financing, offering a number of incentives (including credit) in exchange for the cash. You can see the details here. “Since the whole thing is an experiment—we’ll even be playing a PG-13 version of the entire movie in pieces on-line for free for a limited time shortly after the premiere—we thought we’d try this new crowd-funding way to get a little extra money to up the gore even more,” says Kangas, who plans to begin shooting GARDEN in November. You can see the movie’s teaser below and find out more about Kangas’ films at his official website.





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