Event Report: FANGORIA’s NYC Screening of “THE DIABOLICAL”!


On Monday October 12th, FANGORIA hosted the first of many free NYC screenings for the month of October, beginning with the brand-new supernatural thriller THE DIABOLICAL. Ali Larter, in a role written specifically for her, gives a stellar performance alongside a very talented supporting cast including Max Rose, Chloe Perrin and Arjun Gupta. Co-written and directed by up-and-coming horror filmmaker Alistair Legrand, THE DIABOLICAL takes you on a claustrophobic journey through the turmoil of a single mother and her two young children as they battle for their sanity and their lives from supernatural forces. This unique take on an otherwise generic subgenre of horror is packed with thrills, scares and surprising twists, right up to the very last shot of the film.

First debuting at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March and now on VOD from XLrator, THE DIABOLICAL has been receiving positive reviews across the board. So it was no wonder that the line to get into the New York premiere was almost around the corner. Horror fans from all over waited patiently for the doors to open to the Helen Mills Theater, and by 7 p.m., the excitement was overwhelming. Inside the venue, Legrand, who was also in attendance, happily watched as close to 150 horror buffs gathered into the cozy theater waiting to be scared. Then after an introduction from Editor Emeritus Tony Timpone, the lights dimmed and without warning, we were instantly thrust into the world so skillfully created by Legrand and co-writer Luke Harvis.

After THE DIABOLICAL’s enigmatic conclusion, Legrand participated in a very interactive Q&A that shed some light on the film’s opening, as well as the actual production and his inherent connection to the storyline. “I’ve seen thousands of these movies… and I’m just really impatient as a viewer and I wanted to just jump right in this story,” the director said. “When I was a kid, I lived in a town in Bryn Mawr, PA, and they forced us to move out and it always stuck in my brain. So I wanted to make a movie about that…”

As far as production went, the freshman director humbly noted, “It’s a small movie that we made look really large…and it was a really fun script to work on.”

As the night came to a close, Legrand exclusively revealed the subject matter for his next film, which he described as ‘Cronenbergian’ in nature. “We’re making a thriller about face transplants, modern face transplants,” he said. “I became fascinated with the type of people who undergo trauma and have to deal with that, whether it’s a chimpanzee attack or a car crash or a gunshot, and what that does to the human psyche.” Legrand added that this intriguing project, CLINICAL, has been greenlit and begins shooting in February.  

For the official THE DIABOLICAL trailer, click here. You can learn more about Legrand here. Plus for details on Fango’s next two screening events, go here and here. And you can check out a gallery of pictures from the event below!

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Adam Lee Price
Adam Lee Price has an intense love of horror films and has since being a child. This love of horror has led him to focus on a career in writing films for the next generation of genre fans. Adam has recently completed writing his first feature length horror screenplay entitled THE MASQUERADE. Now, he looks forward to the next chapter of his life working alongside great writers in the horror industry and at FANGORIA Magazine.
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