Event Report: The “DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER” Red Carpet


Last week marked the world premiere of Zach Lipovsky’s DEAD RISING adaptation, WATCHTOWER which debuts exclusively on Crackle in its feature form on March 27th. The first video game feature film adaptation to ever debut on a streaming format, the cast and crew in attendance were brimming with enthusiasm to showcase the results of their grueling shoot. And of course, FANGORIA was on hand to make our presence known on the (blood) red carpet…

Zach Lipovsky, who previously produced AFFLICTED and cut his directorial teeth on LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS, wanted fans of the game to know that in addition to directing the film, he himself was a huge fan of the DEAD RISING games. “I made sure there was an XBOX at the production office,” said Lipovsky, adding, “The cast and crew could play during production and take down notes on a whiteboard so they could incorporate as much as they could into the film.”


In response to his experience making WATCHTOWER and the pressures associated with adapting such a loved franchise, Lipovsky stated, “The producers [at Legendary] told me and my team, ‘You guys know what you’re doing, and you know what this film should be.’ That freedom was incredible.”

WATCHTOWER enthusiasts will be interested to see key characters from the game depicted in the film, as well as some new ones that were created specifically for it. However, Lipovsky hinted that there may be some crossover synergy in the future of the franchise;  According to the director, some of these new characters may even make an appearance in new versions of the game.


But what about the film itself? Obviously, horror fans have been burnt by video game adaptations in the past, but WATCHTOWER’s star, Jesse Metcalfe, reassured fans that Lipovsky’s DEAD RISING will not disappoint and that audiences can expect some serious Zombie slaughtering! “Every day of shooting was extremely rigorous,” added Metcalfe, “There wasn’t a day I didn’t leave the set without a scrape, bruise or cut. Fans are going to laugh and cry, as well as see people get ripped in half.”

While FANGORIA unfortunately could not pry our way into the premiere itself, we can’t say for sure if DEAD RISING is going to be the zombie blast that the previews have tried so hard to depict. But we won’t have to wait much longer; DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER will be debuting in a little over a week, so you can get to Crackle on March 27th and see if the film lives up to Lipovsky and Metcalfe’s wicked words yourself.

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