EXCL Art: Declan Shalvey’s Variant Cover for “WYTCHES #2”


In 2010, Scott Snyder broke out with AMERICAN VAMPIRE, a sprawling journey of vampires throughout American history. It was a bright spot in a then over-saturated climate. bursting with creativity, ideas and yes, horror. As of October, he’s aiming to do something similar. Teaming with stellar artist Jock, Snyder is spinning the established rules of witches in horror fiction, painting them as something older, inhuman and inherent to a nature beyond our understanding. 

WYTCHES #1 sets up a contemporary story, one of being an outsider, and bullying, one of starting over and being vulnerable to the spirits of the forest. Out November 19th from Image Comics is WYTCHES #2. In the second issue, “A busload of children disappears in the woods. A strange bite grows on a girl’s neck. And the wytches are getting closer, creeping from the woods.”

Featuring a great cover by Jock, WYTCHES #2 will also boast variant art from Declan Shalvey, who draws the latter aspects of the above synopsis. Shalvey’s piece is evocative of the wytches essence, age and ultimate threat. I’m excited to present the variant cover of WYTCHES #2 here on Halloweeen. Expect more on WYTCHES at Fango, soon.


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