EXCL Art: Fango Artist Draws the Dead in Lamberson’s “CARNAGE ROAD” Comic


Filmmaker and author Gregory Lamberson (SLIME CITY MASSACRE, THE JAKE HELMAN FILES) and Toronto-based FANGORIA cover artist Kelly Forbes (Forbes painted all three FANGORIA Legends covers to date) are teaming up for a comic book adaptation of Lamberson’s novella CARNAGE ROAD. Published in 2012, Lamberson’s book tells the tale of Boone and Walker, the last members of the Floating Dragons motorcycle gang, who take a road trip across America during the zombie apocalypse.  The book has also been optioned as a possible film/TV property by actor Craig Sheffer (NIGHTBREED, BATTLEDOGS).

“The novella is episodic, which lends itself to serialized storytelling,” Lamberson tells Fango. “We’re adapting the first 80% of my story, and using that as a springboard for an ongoing series.  Kelly drew the first six pages, which we’re going to submit to comic publishers to raise interest, but he’s so into the project that he hasn’t stopped drawing.  If no publisher bites, we’ll self publish it as a graphic novel.  All of the visual motifs are Kelly’s, and I love what he’s doing.  There’s sort of a ROAD WARRIOR-via-anime vibe that’s really going to excite people.”

In the novella, Boone and Walker start out on the east coast, drive through Middle America to the west coast, and then head to Texas for a fateful last stand at the Alamo.  During the course of their journey, they encounter numerous factions of survivors who pose as much of a threat as the zombies.

“The novella is an ode to EASY RIDER, BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID and LONESOME DOVE as much as it is to the brilliant work of George Romero,” says Lamberson.  “It’s been described as SONS OF ANARCHY meets WALKING DEAD, and that’s fine by me.  It’s all about these characters whose solution to this apocalypse is to keep moving; they don’t want to find a fortress and hide out, they yearn for the open road.  Because they’re essentially outlaws to begin with, the collapse of society is pretty liberating for them. The comic will be driven by almost nonstop action.  Kelly and I want to make something different and dangerous, not just recycle the same old conventions that are so familiar now. ”

The price for the Kindle edition of the novella has just been reduced to .99 on Amazon. For more, visit Gregory Lamberson’s official site.


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