EXCL: Canadian Animator Launches Stop-Motion Horror, “THE SHUTTERBUG MAN”

FANGORIA has been spotlighting the ultra-cool, absurdist horror stop-motion mini-flicks made by Canadian animation house Mad Lab Productions for years. They’re fast, funny, witty work is always a treat and we’re pleased as putrid punch to be able to announce the next and most ambitious – not to mention scariest – venture yet from Mad Lab co-founder Chris Walsh: THE SHUTTERBUG MAN.

“I’ve been creating stop motion work through Mad Lab for a while now, and it’s all been horror and sci-fi based stuff , that’s played for laughs,” says animator and occasional FANGORIA contributor Walsh.

“Silly zombies, rude robots; all great fun! But I was itching to craft something that had serious horror teeth. I wanted to make something with intense atmosphere, a strong and scary main character, and a very original story. I wanted to make something that aimed to create a real feeling of honest creepiness, and that offered a real hit of pleasure for true horror fans.”

The film tells the tale of The Shutterbug Man, a twisted wreck of a man whose only pleasure in life is taking pictures. But he’s not interested in sunsets and puppies. The Shutterbug Man searches out the darkest things in humanity, and it leads him towards a sort of perverse destiny.

“I think it’s sort of an ‘origins’ story, for this creepy character that I’ve dreamed up,” Walsh continues. “I’m keeping the character’s visual design hidden for now. I spent a lot of time designing and crafting this character into something deeply creepy, but also darkly beautiful. Sometimes the puppet even creeps me out, and I’m the one who created him. I think that’s a good sign!”

“Animation on the film is nearly complete, and then it’s on to editing and sound. The final film will have nearly 4,000 frames of animation, each captured one at a time, featuring sets and props and puppets that I’ve crafted over the past year,” Walsh says. “It’s an original, hand-made world that I’ve crafted, and I can’t wait to share it with others!”

Follow the film’s progress, and see exclusive images, follow THE SHUTTERBUG MAN on Facebook and Twitter.

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