EXCL: Canadian B-Movie Anthology, “LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE” Announced: Teaser Poster


Canadian indie film producer (his award winning short thriller ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD continues to play festivals), head programmer/founder of indie horror film fest Blood in the Snow and frequent FANGO contributor Kelly Michael Stewart has just announced the production of his first feature effort, the campy anthology chiller LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE. The film is directed by Navin Ramaswaran (ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD), Torin Langen (FONDUE) and Zach Ramelan (DEAD RUSH) and produced by Stewart, R.X. Zammit and Jen Gorman.

“We built the team around the one we had with ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD,” Stewart tells Fango. “The project is very much two films shown within a larger narrative. To add to our team this time around we brought in two young filmmakers, Zach Ramelan and Torin Langen, who had really impressed us with their guerrilla-style, exceptionally high quality filmmaking.”

The film is very much a film within-a-film. The action takes place one night during a late night cable show called ‘Dr. Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror’ where two horror films, DINNER FOR MONSTERS and SLIT, respectively,  are screened. The former being an urban cannibal film set in the ’70s and the other about a moody sadist-for-hire who gets off on cutting clients.

The cast is a virtual who’s-who of Canadian indie genre cinema including Jeff Sinasac (ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD), Colin Price (THE GHOST IS A LIE), Caleigh Le Grand (THE GIRL IN THE ROAD), Sandra DaCosta (TWISTED PIECES) and Jamie Elizabeth Sampson (PETE WINNING AND THE PIRATES). The team is rounded out with FX Makeup by Mitchell Stacey (TASHA AND FRIENDS, IF A TREE FALLS), Production Designer Bethany McLeod (DEAD ALL NIGHT, ANTISOCIAL) and Bruce William Harper (TRUDY) and Karl Janisse (JUSTICE) serving as Directors of Photography.

The movie is almost wrapped its Toronto-based shoot and expected to grace festivals this fall. You can follow the film’s progress here and on Facebook.


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