EXCL Clip: “BORLEY RECTORY,” An Animated Doc on the Most Haunted House in England

FANGORIA and Carrion Films present a spooky treat by which to end your Halloween. 

Award winning filmmaker, animator and Fango contributor Ashley Thorpe (THE SCREAMING SKULL, THE HAIRY HANDS) is now deep into production on his latest phantasmagoric animated doc, BORLEY RECTORY. In what may be his most ambitious project, BORLEY RECTORY is a chilling investigation into the most haunted house in England, featuring Reece Shearsmith, Julian Sands and music by the legendary Steven Severin.

Upon its 2013 crowdfunding campaign, Thorpe wrote, “BORLEY RECTORY is to be an animated documentary about a very famous haunted house. It’s a story I’ve been fascinated by since stumbling across it in the ‘Usborne book of Ghosts‘ back when I was a young boy. The film is to be an exploration of the ‘haunting’s history’ created in a similar ‘collage / rotoscope’ style as my previous animations. It will not only be an investigation of the facts but also a meditation on why this story – and hauntings in general – continue to fascinate.”

Now, BORLEY is gearing up for another (Indiego)go to help complete what looks to be a special film, one of Gothic storytelling and rich design. As a Halloween treat, Thorpe has shared with Fango and its readers an extended excerpt from the film, to spread the house’s eerie history and invite even more dark interest.

See below, hopefully late into Halloween night, and for more on BORLEY RECTORY, including production details, visit the film’s newly launched Indiegogo to help.

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