Excl Comments, First Poster: Justin Beahm’s “BLOOD FLOWER”


Having previously helmed HALLOWEEN-centric doc, YOU CAN’T KILL THE BOGEYMAN, Fango contributor and Scream Factory special features mainstay Justin Beahm is getting underway on his narrative directorial debut BLOOD FLOWER. An apparently grisly tale of bloodshed as a means of achieving artistry, the filmmaker gave us a bit of insight on what to expect.

In BLOOD FLOWER, Lilly was a model student her first four years of college, but when she is denied entrance into her university’s prestigious literary program, depression and desperation lead her to horrifying extremes to become the writer she wants to be. The minds she most admires are in her sights as she sets out to drink the blood of the brilliant.

Beahm tells Fango, “BLOOD FLOWER is really a variation on the vampire myth, as the main character, Lilly, decides the only way to achieve the kind of writing chops she wants, and needs, to gain entrance to the graduate writing program she is turned away from, is to blend her blood with that of her literary heroes. It is a brutal story about an unassuming, damaged girl pushing herself into the darkest realms of twisted determination, and emerging as something else on the other side.”

<div>He further explains, “This film is my way of dealing with the intersection of creativity and acceptance, which I don’t think have to go hand in hand. After years of working toward acceptance into that writing program, years of pouring herself into all her assignments and such, Lilly is turned away, judged and dismissed. For an artist, that would be a tough thing to face, as the acceptance of others really, to me at least, has nothing to do with what you create or any value being placed upon it. After doing all she can on her own, Lilly realizes she isn’t made of the parts necessary to be that good, so she starts finding those elements elsewhere and blending them with herself, turning her into an obsessive Frankenstein monster-like amalgam which may, or may not, lead to her ultimate goal. A beautiful, sad, graphic story about the simultaneous self destruction and defiant growth of an artist.”

Above, is the eye catching first poster. Keep an eye on Fango for more as the project develops!

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