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Italian filmmaker Ivan Zuccon has reteamed with his COLOUR FROM THE DARK star and Fango mainstay Debbie Rochon for prison-set supernatural story WRATH OF THE CROWS. The completed film is set to make its world premiere this May in Los Angeles and the director told Fango a little about what to expect.

WRATH OF THE CROWS, co-starring Tiffany Shepis, Tara Cardinal and Domiziano Arcangeli, is focused in a dirty, narrow jail, where prisoners are forced to suffer injustices both from their guards and the ruling officer. Feared by all, however, is a man nobody there has ever seen: the Judge. When new prisoner Princess arrives seemingly out of nowhere, and dressed only in a crow’s feathers coat, her radiating, sweet-smelling, sensual appearance begins to cause not only curiosity but also envy, suspicion and  a deep sexual agitation. Soon, Princess reveals her dark and supernatural nature, moving objects through the power of her mind and displaying feats of otherwordly strength.

While CROWS sounds like a women-in-prison film with stakes outside our own reality, Zuccon tells FANGORIA he wasn’t shooting for something with recognizable influence. “I like the classic movies—I made a couple of them like NYMPHA or COLOUR FROM THE DARK—but this time I wanted to do something different. This movie is wild, fast-paced and there’s a lot of crazy, weird characters that I really love. It mixes scary moments with brutal scenes and with a bit of humor that make this film a unique experience.”

“The idea of this film came from a short story I wrote when I finished COLOUR FROM THE DARK,” he continues. “After writing, I put it in a drawer and forgot about it. The story was divided by chapters and was about 12 pages. The title was THE PRISON OF LOST SOULS. I was reading all my old stuff and found this story—it was a true discovery.  I decided to send it to one of my screenwriters, Gerardo Di Filippo. A few days later we were already writing WRATH OF THE CROWS.”

What’s resulted is something Zuccon calls “…very gory and brutal, but  tied by a strong concept and the whole story is focused on the characters’ development. So there’s not only splatter sequences, but  also atmospheric moments,a few dream-like sequences and a final twist that will shock you all.”

You can catch the world premiere of WRATH OF THE CROWS Thursday, May 2 at the Cinespace in Hollywood.

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