Excl Image, Comments: Melanie Light’s Vegan-Themed Horror, “THE HERD”

World Premiering as part of GRIMMFEST, the annual horror festival from Manchester’s Grimm Up North is Melanie Light’s short THE HERD. In THE HERD, Light—whose previous short work has introduced a confrontational, visceral horror filmmaker—aims to craft another piece with a fierce point-of-view and acclaimed pedigree, including star Pollyanna McIntosh (THE WOMAN) and the first narrative score from Gallows guitarist Laurent Barnard. In anticipation of the October 2nd screening, playing alongside the McIntosh-starring LET US PREY, FANGORIA presents an exclusive image, as well as some words from Light and Barnard on THE HERD.

Describing her latest as “vegan feminist horror,” Light tells FANGORIA, “The film is a harrowing dissection of a reality within an everyday norm hidden within farms all over the world.”

Written by Ed Pope and directed by Light, THE HERD “inflicts the life of the average dairy cow on to a group of human women and weaves this premise into a brutal tale of original horror.” The synopsis continues: “Imprisoned within inhuman squalor with other women; Paula’s existence and human function is abused as a resource by her captors. Escape, on any level, is hopeless as the women are condemned to a life of enforced servitude for one reason only – their milk. Enslaved, inseminated and abused – every facet of their life is violated. At first the premise seems exaggerated and absurd; but is, in fact, disgusting in its stark normality.”

Having previously spoken to Fango just prior to starting on THE HERD, Barnard updates, “There are some disturbing scenes in THE HERD and it became clear that my job was to add to the viewer discomfort by writing an equally unsettling score. It ranges from beautiful to disgusting and I love it.”

Light adds, “I loved working with Laurent on this. His score is so beautifully harrowing, of course our great cinematography, design and performances along with everything else made it such a strong powerful film.”

THE HERD plays GRIMMFEST Thursday, October 2nd alongside the Brian O’Malley-directed LET US PREY. For more, visit GRIMMFEST and see a selection of images from the film, below.


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