EXCL Images: Mexican Filmmaker Isaac Ezban’s Sci-fi Horror, “THE SIMILARS”

After winning Best Presentation at least year’s inaugural FANTASTIC MARKET | MERCADO FANTASTICO (the industry market within Austin’s annual Fantastic Fest) for THE INCIDENT, Mexican director Isaac Ezban has completed that first feature and is now mid-production on a second tale of existential horror, THE SIMILARS (Los Parecidos). Find exclusive stills and info on the latter, below.

Influenced by THE TWILIGHT ZONE, Ezban is seeking to craft “a story focusing on the psychological side of sci-fi” in THE SIMILARS, which takes place on October 2, 1968. As eight strangers wait for the bus to Mexico City on a stormy night, they become victims of a strange phenomenon: they all start to physically look the same.

Ezban tells Fango, “I believe that the best science fiction stories are the ones that take place within a strong political or social context, using sci-fi as a metaphor, and that’s why I chose to tell this story within the context of the Mexican 1968 paranoid and rebel society [October 2, 1968 saw Mexico’s rising student movement clash with authority when police and military fired into an unarmed crowd]. THE SIMILARS is a project I have been developing for exactly three years. It is a very ambitious film. Actors will be submitted to make-up processes never-before-done in Mexico.”

“It is also the first film in Latin America to be shot with the new RED CAMERA sensor (the Red Epic Dragon),” he adds. “The film is a co-production between Yellow Films and Zensky Cine, produced by Elsa Reyes (WORKERS) and it is being shot right now in studio and on location in Mexico City.”

Ezban expects post-production on THE SIMILARS to be underway this August. THE SIMILARS stars Gustavo Sanchez Parra, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Humberto Busto, Carmen Beato, Maria Elena Olivares, Catalina Salas and Santiago Torres.


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