EXCL Photos: Inside Staci Layne Wilson’s “FETISH FACTORY”


Writer, pop-cult presence, LA based rock and roll royalty (her dad Don is one of the founders of surf-rock legends The Ventures!) and occasional FANGORIA scribe Staci Layne Wilson has just wrapped her breakneck indie horror-kink feature film FETISH FACTORY and has kindly donated a slew of saucy (as in, red sauce natch) photos, exclusive to Fango!

FETISH FACTORY fixates on images of pin-up queens of yore, as a gaggle of Burlesque gals who emulate the likes of Page, Mansfield and Wong, shake their sweet thangs for thrills and profit at the titular hot spot. Of course, as is bound to happen these days, a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Low cut, skin-tight, vintage outfits stuck to buxom ladies brush up against feral bloodshed in the film, which is produced by Michael Biehn and his wife Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (who also co-stars).

Carrie Keagan, AMERICAN MARY’S Tristan Risk, Chase Williamson, Diane Goldner, Jenimay Walker, Emma Julia Jacobs, Jesse Merlin, Ruben Pla, Morgan Peter Brown, Benjamin Easterday, Tom Ayers and Stephen Wastell star. It’s “Survival of the Foxiest”! How can you resist?

Check out the photos my Mike Skillsky below!

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