EXCL Pics: Greg Lamberson Unleashes his “KILLER RACK”

Batten down your bras! Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson (SLIME CITY MASSACRE, THE JULIAN YEAR) sent FANGORIA some exclusive stills from KILLER RACK, the horror comedy he’s currently directing in Buffalo, New York. 

“We’re shooting on weekends, primarily at the Pierce Arrow Film Arts Center, an up-and-coming production facility which will play a large role in Buffalo’s filmmaking future,” says Lamberson, who’s producing KILLER RACK with Rod Durick and screenwriter Paul McGinnis. “We’re shooting with a minimal crew, mostly veterans of of my previous film shoots in this city.  Usually we shoot in my house, but this time we’ve created Dr. Thulu’s laboratory and reception area, a gypsy parlor, and the Double D Collections Agency at Pierce Arrow.  It’s been fun going to a studio.”

KILLER RACK tells the story of Betty Downer (Jessica Zwolak), an unhappy woman who seeks to improve her romantic and professional life by getting breast implants from Dr. Cate Thulu (Debbie Rochon).  Unfortunately for the people in Betty’s sphere, her new parts are actually flesh hungry monsters set on global domination.  The film co-stars Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Thurber, and features Brooke Lewis as the voice of the Boobs. Roy Frumkes has a cameo, as well.

KILLER RACK shoots through the end of September, and Lamberson anticipates completing the film early in 2015. For more, follow KILLER RACK on Facebook.

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