EXCL Stills: Indie Horror Flick, “LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE”


As Fango previously reported, Canadian indie horror anthology LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE is currently in production in Toronto. The brainchild of producer and occasional Fango scribe Kelly Michael Stewart (award-winning short ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD), the film is an amalgam of two short shockers helmed by young filmmakers Zach Ramelan (DEAD RUSH) and Torin Langen (FONDUE) with a wraparound from ONE MORE FROM THE ROAD director Navin Ramaswaran, all based around the concept of a late night horror host show turned terribly malevolent.

Stewart sent us a few stills from Langen’s segment SLIT, which follows Brad (Colin Price), a sadist for hire that has an underground business of cutting on clients for their pleasure and lining his pocketbook. Along the way we meet his clients Brii (Caleigh Le Grand) and Michael (Rich Piatkowski), a pair of masochists that might be more than he bargained for.

SLIT is the first production to use the Digital Bolex in the Toronto area and only the 35th off the assembly line thanks from help from filmmaker Matthew Wiele (director of the upcoming EJECTA) and Joe Rubenstein (Founder and CEO of Digital Bolex). The Director of Photography for SLIT Karl Janisse tells us, ” I decided to shoot this element of the film on Digital Bolex because it was set to closely resemble a grungy, low-key 1980s body horror film. I felt like the Digital Bolex was today’s closest and most affordable representation of 16mm film stocks from the 1980s and 90s.”

See the official Facebook for more details.



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