EXCL: Teaser and Photo from Julian Grant’s “ARKHAM SANITARIUM: SOUL EATER”


Filmmaker Julian Grant has been making movies all over Canada and the U.S. relentlessly for over 20 years and just doesn’t get the recognition he should. From the riotous sex and spilled fluid Shannon Tweed shocker ELECTRA to the Canadian ROBOCOP TV series ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES to his myriad sensational Lifetime channel potboilers, and all his ample esoteric projects in between, the man lives to make stuff to show other people. He’s also a professor at Columbia University in Chicago. He ain’t no slouch…

Recently, his burning desire to make movies his way has lead him back to the microbudget universe where he helmed the stunning, moody black and white, dialogue free zombie arthouse film THE DEFILED for Chemical Burn entertainment. His latest next-to-no budget creeper for the CB factory is the ambitious ARKHAM SANITARIUM: SOUL EATER.

In it, a gaggle of not-terribly-likeable ghost hunters run afoul of supernatural phenomena, inter-dimensional monsters and the tentacled Cthulhu himself as they find themselves trapped in the infamous titular institution. It’s high concept on a modest budget, something Grant revels in.

Says Grant: “It’s a found footage meets H.P. Lovecraft tribute to Charles Band, Wizard Video, VHS and all the old masters—Ted V. Mikels, Ray Dennis Steckler, Andy Milligan—with a tip of the hat to Eddie, Boris & Tor.”

Sounds good to us. Have a look at the teaser and exclusive photo.

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