EXCL Teaser, Pics: Italian short turned American feature, “ICE SCREAM”

In December of 2011, Fango highlighted the Roberto De Feo & Vito Palumbo-directed Italian revenge short, ICE SCREAM, where the frozen treats weren’t the coldest bits. In April of 2012, after 15 awards in international film festivals across the U.S. and Europe, the filmmakers ventured into expanding the tale and now Fango has your first look.

Starring Spencer Treat Clark, Laura Harring (MULHOLLAND DR), Wade Williams and Bredon Miller, ICE SCREAM sees Mickey, “your average American high school student, living with his hard working but absentee mom and busy trying to salvage his relationship with childhood sweetheart Alice. Mickey must also struggle to survive the war-zone that has become school. Navigating through social cliques, jocks, cheerleaders, popular kids and a school system unprepared and unable to deal with the growing epidemic of bullying, Mickey must find a way to endure. Like so many other kids, Mickey doesn’t want to rock the boat, and would just prefer to be a loner. Unfortunately, he becomes the new favorite target of two of the most notorious bullies in town, Alex and Brando. After a mortifying episode in the school bathroom and a humiliating walk of shame down the school hallways, a depressed Mickey turns to his only friend, Donald.

One day Mickey gathers the courage to drive over to Alice’s house to give her his birthday gift and attempt one last ditch effort to ask her out on a date. Surprisingly, Alice agrees and Mickey heads toward the local hangout to get her an ice cream and cupcakes for their outing to the park. Arriving at the local diner, Mickey is met by his two arch nemeses. Excited and nervous, Mickey rushes to leave the diner with Alice’s treats in hand only to stumble and accidently throw the ice cream all over Brando. Amped and looking for revenge, Brando and Alex force Mickey out of the parlor, kidnap and force him to drive to their secret location. It’s time to have some fun and they can do whatever they want in the secluded hills. It’s payback time.

Now in post-production, both the preceding short and upcoming feature are based on a true story true story that occurred in Catanzaro, Italy in 2009 where a boy from a good family accidentally scraped the side of a criminal’s car. For revenge the delinquent, helped by a friend, kidnapped the boy bringing him in the countryside. There he tied him up to a tree, tortured and burned him alive.

For more on ICE SCREAM,  see our initial talk with the filmmakers here and visit the film’s official Facebook.




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