EXCL Trailer: Six Scream Queen Faves in Full Moon’s “TROPHY HEADS”


Full Moon Streaming, the online destination which houses the whole of the Full Moon Library and other select cult gems for monthly subscription, has dipped into the original series game with TROPHY HEADS. An ensemble scream queen slasher, TROPHY HEADS catches up with some of trash horror’s favorite leading ladies in their own, non-film business lives, until a dangerous maniac pulls them back in. Get your first look at TROPHY HEADS below!

In TROPHY HEADS, “it’s the present day, and our heroines, real life Scream Queens who starred in those infamous movies back in the 80’s and 90’s, have gone on with their lives, some still acting or in new businesses of their own. What none of them suspect is that somewhere, down in the basement of an old house, an obsessed fan, Max, sits in the dark, watching clips from those movies over and over, his obsession growing into a diabolical plan. One by one, with his mother’s help, he begins to “collect” them, transporting them to a makeshift prison he’s set up in his basement. The Scream Queens have no idea what’s going on, until they find themselves forced to re-enact movie scenes from their horror heyday, a nightmarish process since Max remembers every line and gesture and they haven’t watched them in years. And they definitely don’t remember the new and terrible outcome of the scenes…”

TROPHY HEADS stars Michelle Bauer, Darcy DeMoss, Denice Duff, Jaqueline Lovell, Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens. In Episode One of the weekly series, directed by Charles Band, “Max and Mom kidnap Darcy DeMoss and force her to reprise her role from the movie FORBIDDEN ZONE: ALIEN ABDUCTION. Max then sets his sights on Brinke Stevens, who’s now working as a massage therapist. The heist takes an unexpected turn when Mom knocks out Brinke’s half-naked client Julia and brings her along for the ride. Meanwhile, ‘Sister’ Linnea Quigley and her fellow converts Kristine DeBell and Carel Struycken are living the peaceful life going door-to-door and spreading the good word. Does Sister Quigley have what it takes to escape Max and Mom’s clutches?”

TROPHY HEADS premieres June 4th and continues weekly at Full Moon Streaming. For more, visit TROPHY HEADS on Facebook.


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