Exclusive: “7500” Release Date, Plan Revealed


For many U.S. horror fans, one of the cinematic white whales has been Takashi Shimizu’s 7500, the “haunting-on-a-plane” film starring the likes of TRUE BLOOD’s Ryan Kwanten, TRICK ‘R TREAT’s Leslie Bibb and HALLOWEEN’s Scout Taylor-Compton. And while those with a multi-region Blu-ray player can pick up the film from various international marketplaces, including Amazon, 7500 has yet to take flight stateside, having been delayed perpetually since it’s 2012 release date. However, today, FANGORIA has received word that 7500 will indeed land in the U.S. in 2015; find out when and where you can see the film below!

According to an official statement released exclusively to FANGORIA earlier today, 7500 will be released on Friday, November 13th, 2015, as an exclusive in-flight movie for American Airlines, as a part of their upcoming “In-Fright” programming. The film will remain on that release platform for a 6-month exclusivity window before releasing to DVD/Blu-ray/Digital HD in Spring 2016.

“While a theatrical release would have been preferred, we have seen the film itself on a 3-inch screen and we feel the experience is equally as terrifying,” says American Airlines Director of In-Flight Programming, Luka Eris. “With the popularity of horror seen via THE WALKING DEAD and AMERICAN HORROR STORY, American hopes to bring the quality scares to our willing passengers. And via this unique release strategy, CBS Films can guarantee the film’s intellectual property will be protected from piracy as well.”


Furthermore, American Airlines will be offering 7500 for $5.99 on all flights, but hardcore horror fans will be able to get the film and further “In-Fright” programming as a part of their “American Scarelines” promotion, in which select flights will feature the decor and atmosphere of a more horror-infused experience. These flights will include “demented dining options,” in-costume flight attendants, dangling plastic pumpkins and skulls, and even a soundtrack of spooky noises to play in the cabin. Furthermore, 7500 will be also available for $9.99 as “Blood Red Eye” edition, with deleted scenes, making-of featurettes and exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming CBS Films releases.

“7500 will be the perfect film to kick off this promotion,” Eris added. “After all, it’s about ghosts and it takes place on a plane. What more could horror fans possibly want?”

While the full details on the “American Scarelines” promotion is not yet known, 7500 will be available as a part of American’s “In-Fright” programming this November on Friday the 13th, and will be followed after its exclusivity window by CBS Films’ remake of APRIL FOOL’S DAY.

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