Exclusive: “A GUN FOR JENNIFER” will finally blast into release


One of the great lost genre films of the 1990s, the bloody female-vigilante shocker A GUN FOR JENNIFER, looks set to make its long-awaited video debut sometime in the near future. Read on for the exclusive scoop.

GUNFORJENNIFERRELEASENEWSFango got the update from JENNIFER writer/producer/star Deborah Twiss while speaking to her about her new supernatural thriller A CRY FROM WITHIN (see interview here). A GUN FOR JENNIFER, co-scripted and directed by Todd Morris, features Twiss in the title role of a Midwestern housewife who flees her abusive marriage and winds up in New York City, where she falls in with a group of women who have devoted themselves to bloodily bumping off men who prey on women and children (with graphic makeup FX by Rob Benevides). The film premiered to strong response at the 1997 Fantasia festival in Montreal and had other fest bookings, but rights issues involving music used in the film and other legal concerns got in the way of wider distribution. At one point, Mondo Macabro planned to give JENNIFER its DVDebut, but those plans never worked out.

Now, Twiss tells Fango, she and Morris are planning to untangle the movie and get it out to a wider audience. “We’ll be doing a re-scan of the negative in the next year and releasing it on North American VOD and DVD in spring 2016,” she reveals. “We have several distributors in the U.S. that want to take it on. The biggest issue is that we first need to do the better scan; we’ve had a couple done off the 35mm prints [JENNIFER was shot on 16mm], but they really aren’t the right quality that the market demands right now. In order to do that, we have to settle the debt with the guy who did our blowup from 16mm to 35mm, and still holds the negative. We owe him 10 grand. So Todd and I are planning to raise that money, pay that debt and finally have access to the negative again, and do the scan the right way.

“As far as the music rights go,” she continues, “we’ve replaced all the tracks that were an issue with cleared music, so it’s all good to go shortly. If things go really well with A CRY FROM WITHIN and [her currently lensing] CONFIDENCE GAME, I’ll pay my debt sooner and the world will be able to see A GUN FOR JENNIFER that much more quickly. Believe me, no one wants the film out more than myself and Todd; we’ll do a commentary for the DVD as well.” See a trailer for the movie (with NSFW language) below, and stay tuned for further updates!

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