Exclusive: “AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO” gets a DVD upgrade at last


A found-footage fright flick that predates THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT by more than half a decade and has long been a sought-after, out-of-print VHS title is finally hitting DVD later this year, and we’ve got the exclusive info.

AMERICASDEADLIESTDVDNEWSCamp Motion Pictures gave Fango the scoop that it will give the 1993 production AMERICA’S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO its disc debut in 2014. Written and directed by Jack Perez, who went on to SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE, the movie plays as footage shot by Dougie (Danny Bonaduce – !), who goes on a road trip after he discovers his wife cheating on him. When he accidentally tapes a criminal gang led by Clint (Mick Wynhoff, who also produced) disposing of evidence, they kidnap him and force him to document their exploits, and we witness the ensuing atrocities through his camcorder. Disc details have yet to be confirmed, but will likely include filmmaker commentary and more; keep your eyes here for updates, and have a look at the trailer below.

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