Exclusive: “ANGUISH,” “OCULUS,” “MAD MEN” actresses set for “LORD OF THE FLIES”-esque “LADYWORLD”


FANGORIA just spoke to actress Ryan Simpkins about her work on today’s release ANGUISH (pictured above) and Jennifer Lynch’s SURVEILLANCE (look for more of that chat very soon), and she also gave us some details about a new survival thriller she’s about to embark on.

“I’m signed on to do a project called LADYWORLD,” Simpkins tells us. “It’s about these girls who get trapped in a house back in the hills after a major earthquake, and it’s like a female LORD OF THE FLIES. You see them all lose their innocence, and then slowly lose their sanity, so that should be really cool. It’s by Amanda Kramer, and it’s her first time directing a film; she’s done some theater stuff before. Kiernan Shipka [from MAD MEN and the upcoming horror film FEBRUARY] is signed on, Amandla Stenberg [of THE HUNGER GAMES and TV’s SLEEPY HOLLOW] is signed on, Annalise Basso [the young Kaylie in OCULUS], Fatima Ptacek—we’ve got the whole cast set.” Look for more on this project as we find it out!

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