Exclusive art, comments, plus trailer: An Eric Roberts-possessed doll in the “SORORITY SLAUGHTERHOUSE”!


College girls get 12 inches of terror in SORORITY SLAUGHTERHOUSE, the latest frightfest from director David DeCoteau. He gave us some exclusive words on the flick and a first look at the cover art, and we’ve got the trailer to share as well.

“After years of directing little-creature movies, I thought I would direct a killer-doll film where the doll actually spoke,” DeCoteau tells Fango. “I wanted the movie to be a combination of horror and comedy, so I contacted Rolfe Kanefsky, who wrote and directed the hilarious THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE, and asked him if he wanted to tackle this assignment. Rolfe loves the genre and loves comedy, and wrote a hilarious, sexy horror/comedy I know the Fango readership will eat up.”

The movie arrives on DVD (with DeCoteau’s commentary, retailing for just $9.95) and VOD this Halloween from the filmmaker’s Rapid Heart Pictures. It stars Eric Roberts, Jessica Morris, Jean Louise O’Sullivan and Kelli Seymour; the synopsis: “After a sorority girl breaks up with him, Mr. Whitman, the headmaster of the college, takes his own life. But what should be the end becomes only the beginning due to a magical, evil 12-inch clown doll named Bobo that gets possessed by the soul of Mr. Whitman. Now, Mr. Whitman in the body of Bobo can get revenge on all the people who wronged him, especially the hottest girls of the Delpha Pi sorority.”


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