Exclusive: “BIG BAD WOLVES” Directors’ Chainsaw Award Acceptance Speech!


By now, it’s no surprise that FANGORIA has had our eyes on Israeli horror directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, TriBeCa darlings and crafters of such frightening foreign titles such as RABIES and BIG BAD WOLVES. And while BIG BAD WOLVES has had its fair share of praise from FANGORIA, Quentin Tarantino (who called it his favorite film of the year) and many other critics, fright fans themselves showed their love for the film in the 2015 Chainsaw Awards, voting Keshales and Papushado’s sophomore effort as the Best Foreign Language Film released last year against the likes of A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT, WITCHING & BITCHING, THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME and THE STRANGE COLOR OF YOUR BODY’S TEARS. After learning of their win, Keshales and Papushado wanted to thank their fans for voting for BIG BAD WOLVES, and you can read their statement below…

Thank you FANGORIA fans, writers and editors !

Thank you for giving us our first Chainsaw Award and thank you for so much more than that.

A couple of years ago, we decided to make a small revolution in the Israeli film industry. We thought the world has waited enough time for Israel to produce its first horror film and we felt ready and committed to take this important mission upon ourselves. The result was RABIES. The film quickly became an international cult favorite, and one of the first people to recognize it was FANGORIA’s very own Michael Gingold. His rave review of the film paved the way to so many hungry hearts and twisted minds- we just had to make another horror film. That one would have to be even darker and funnier; the kind of film that even the most dedicated reader of FANGORIA will have a hard time digesting. We dubbed it BIG BAD WOLVES and we premiered it at TriBeCa Film Festival. And who was the first critic to interview us and congratulate us on a f***ed up film well done? FANGORIA’s Michael Gingold!

Making a horror film is the hardest task ever. There are so many fans out there and they all have say in the matter- and rightly so.

It’s so hard to make a horror film that will resonate well, and it’s even harder to make a horror film in Hebrew. But, and that’s a big but, people like the awesome guys that work at FANGORIA Magazine- crazy guys that gave an Hebrew speaking film no less than four nominations- really make the difference. These are the people that make this hard job so worthy and fun.

And now we’re getting to all you magnificent FANGORIA fans… you have no idea what this award means to us and how your love for our movies fuels our motivation to go even further in our endless voyage towards the heart of darkness.

Thank you for this genuine gesture. Thank you for keeping the clockwork orange ticking.

We’ll be back and not only in a rerun,

Aharon and Navot

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