Exclusive: Chilling anthology “MORRIS COUNTY” coming to DVD


Filmmaker Matthew Garrett has won awards for his psychologically disturbing short films, most recently BEATING HEARTS, and we got the exclusive word that his omnibus feature of three unsettling tales will make its DVDebut next month.

Beneath the Underground Films, in association with Unearthed Films, will bring MORRIS COUNTY to disc, with Unearthed offering it for digital rental/purchase via its on-line shop beginning March 18, and a “Bootleg Edition” available at Beneath the Underground’s Facebook group for its members only for a two-week window. MORRIS COUNTY’s three stories are “Ellie,” starring Darcy Miller in a haunting performance as a very troubled teenaged girl with an awful secret; “The Family Rubin,” detailing the breakdown of an upper-middle-class family trying desperately to keep up appearances; and “Elmer & Iris” (pictured above), in which a recently laid-off elderly woman (Alice Cannon) keeps her deceased husband’s corpse around for company. The movie was scored by David Kristian, whose credits include Douglas Buck’s SISTERS and Karim Hussain’s LA BELLE BETE, and Brian Spears and Pete Gerner of STAKE LAND, THE INNKEEPERS and many others created the makeup FX.

Beneath the Underground Films and its founder Nick DeCarlo are devoted to giving exposure to independent horror movies of all kinds; you can find out more at its official website. And check out MORRIS COUNTY’s Facebook page.


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