Exclusive: Chloë Grace Moretz talks “CARRIE” reshoots


When Screen Gems, back in January, shifted the CARRIE remake from its originally announced March 15 release date to an October 18 berth, speculation was that the movie would undergo some alterations. In an exclusive interview with star Chloë Grace Moretz, Fango learned that such was in fact the case.

“We actually prolonged the film, to be honest,” Moretz, who portrays Stephen King’s telekinetically gifted prom queen, tells us. “We did some reshoots [in Toronto this past May], and added three extra scenes with Julianne [Moore, playing Carrie’s mother Margaret] and I to make the movie even deeper and darker. We prolonged a couple of scenes that needed to have an extra moment or an extra beat just to make it even deeper. It wasn’t about cutting anything out or trying to edit around things; it was about adding more to make the movie scarier and more intense.”

Kimberly Peirce directed the new CARRIE from a script by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa; you can read more of our chat with Moretz, plus words with Moore, in Fango #327, on sale next month.

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