Exclusive clip and pics: “TALES OF LIGHT & DARK” web series


A new on-line independent horror series is readying to debut this Halloween; read on for info and an exclusive clip from one of the segments and photos from the rest.

Light & Dark Productions has announced the schedule for its impending Internet anthology TALES OF LIGHT & DARK, created and directed by Glen Baisley of THE TENEMENT (in which—full disclosure—this writer had a small role) and FAIRVIEW FALLS. The series kicks off on Halloween night with “Lolli Girl” (1st photo below), starring Chelsea Roach as an unbalanced British girl whose only desire is to find a friend. Episode two, “Open Call” (2nd photo), is about a struggling actress (Sandy Oppedisano) who gets an opportunity that may be too good to be true; it’ll premiere in two parts on December 5 and 9. In “Truth, Justice and the American Way” (excerpted in the clip), the faith of a priest (Stewart Thomas) is put to the ultimate test following the death of a young woman; part one debuts January 2, 2014 and part two on Jan. 9. And in “GeoKilling” (3rd photo), starring Joseph Policastro, Sabrina Coleman, Jaime Colins, Michael Knowles and Haley Rice, a geocaching expedition leads to terror for a group of young friends; part one will post February 6, 2014 and part two on Feb. 13.

Makeup and FX for TALES were created by Gene Mazza and Emmy Award-nominated artist Danielle Masterson, and the original theme was provided by Tad Leger of Lucertola and Toxik. See the series’ trailer below the clip, and for more information, check out the Light & Dark website.




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