Exclusive clip: Hospital horror in “HAYRIDE 2”


The murdering menace known as “Pitchfork” is back for more bloodshed in HAYRIDE 2, the sequel coming out this week. Jump past the jump for an exclusive clip.

Writer/director Terron R. Parsons returns from the first HAYRIDE for the follow-up, stalking into theaters and VOD this Friday, March 6. Stars Sherri Eakin, Richard Tyson, Jeremy Ivy, Jeremy Sande and Corlandos Scott are also back, joined by David “Shark” Fralick, John DeLong and Rachel Varela. In the tradition of HALLOWEEN II, the action picks up directly after the events of the previous movie:

“The survivors, including Amanda [Eakin] arrive at the county hospital to recover from the previous night’s savage massacre. Unfortunately for them, the survivors are not the only ones en route to the hospital. Rayborn, the local farmer known as ‘Pitchfork,’ who paramedics make the mistake of thinking is incapacitated from his wounds, brutally attacks them leaving the ambulance crashed in flames on the side of a country road. The seemingly invincible ‘Pitchfork’ is on the loose again with one location in mind…the hospital. Meanwhile, Detective Loomis’ [Scott] recent brush with this legendary ‘monster’ seems to fuel his need to uncover the secrets of the man behind the mask. Where was he hiding for 20 years? Loomis finds that to stop a killer he must first learn his history, which may be closer than anyone could imagine.” Visit HAYRIDE 2 on Facebook.


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