Exclusive Clip: Macabre Manga Adaptation “ATTACK ON TITAN: PART TWO”


Following the huge turnout for the live-action ATTACK ON TITAN: PART ONE film, big enough to score at #9 at the U.S. Box Office and sport the 2nd highest per-screen average that weekend ahead of mainstream films like BLACK MASS and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2, there’s no denying that fans of the popular horror manga series are chomping at the bit for ATTACK ON TITAN: PART TWO. And with fright fans last chance to see the film in theaters being tomorrow, October 27th, FANGORIA has an exclusive clip from the film for all to see below!

For those unfamiliar, here is a synopsis for ATTACK ON TITAN:

The man-eating humanoids called Titans first appeared over 100 years ago, devouring humans without motive or remorse. What was left of mankind retreated behind three enormous concentric walls. After a century of relative peace, a titan larger and fiercer than any that have been seen before breaches the wall, kicking a large hole through the base of it. Now, titans are flooding the city, consuming much of the surviving human population. a young boy named Eren and his friends enlist to fight against the insatiable monsters. The future looks bleak, but there’s more to Eren than meets the eye: he may be humanity’s last hope against extinction.

Like the clip? Catch ATTACK ON TITAN: PART TWO in theaters tomorrow, October 27th, and fans who think they know ATTACK ON TITAN haven’t seen anything yet. Fans who missed the first film or want a refresher can watch a recap HERE, and you can get advanced tickets to ATTACK ON TITAN: PART TWO HERE.

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