Exclusive clip, plus trailer and poster: Slamdance horror/comedy “DIRECTOR’S CUT”


Selected as the opening-night film of the current Slamdance Film Festival, DIRECTOR’S CUT is a meta-satire of the fright genre from the pen of Penn Jillette. Jump past the jump for an exclusive clip, the trailer and the poster.

Directed by THE DARK BACKWARD’s Adam Rifkin, DIRECTOR’S CUT also stars Jillette, along with Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin, Hayes MacArthur, Lin Shaye, Teller, Gilbert Gottfried (featured in the clip) and Nestor Carbonell. The synopsis: “A deranged lunatic named Herbert Blount [Jillette] donates a large sum of money to a crowdfunded horror movie called KNOCKED OFF, which lands him on set. From there, he aspires to replace the real director of the movie and make it his own by stealing the footage, abducting the lead actress [Pyle] and reshooting scenes the way he’d like them for his own version. The story is told via the director’s commentary over this ‘new and improved’ version of the film.”

For more on DIRECTOR’S CUT, check out its official website and Facebook page.


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