Exclusive clip: “SOMETHING WICKED” her way comes


A young woman experiences hallucinatory horrors in an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming fright flick SOMETHING WICKED, directed by TALES FROM THE HOOD’s Darin Scott. Check it out after the jump.

Coming to DVD, VOD and digital platforms March 17 from ARC Entertainment, SOMETHING WICKED marks the final screen appearance of actress Brittany Murphy, who co-stars with THE FINAL DESTINATION’s Shantel VanSanten, John Robinson, Julian Morris. The synopsis: Inspired by true events: a young couple seeks to rebuild their lives after a disastrous car crash that kills her parents. But secrets from their past threaten to disrupt their budding relationship. Christine [VanSanten] is stalked by a creepy, masked stranger, while James [Robinson] experiences freakish encounters that nearly kill him. Christine’s sister-in-law, Susan [Brittany Murphy], a psychiatrist who observes the couple’s deteriorating relationship, sets out to determine what sinister forces are driving the madness. As she digs for answers, she finds out some things are best left unknown.” Have a look at SOMETHING WICKED’s official website here.

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