Exclusive clips: New “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” documentary


George A. Romero’s zombie landmark NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is celebrated in the new original documentary CHRONICLE OF THE LIVING DEAD. We’ve got a pair of exclusive excerpts and more info after the jump.

Produced by Fourth Castle Micromedia and directed by Dino Castelli and Sean Q. King, CHRONICLE OF THE LIVING DEAD features new and rarely seen archived interviews with the cast and creators of the 1968 classic (including Romero, John A. Russo, Russell Streiner and Karl Hardman), as well as other filmmakers discussing the movie’s influence, visits to the locations of NIGHT and Romero’s other DEAD films and a look inside the Living Dead Museum, which houses original props and artifacts from the series. CHRONICLE is part of a special DVD of the original, unedited NIGHT that will be available exclusively as part of the September shipment of Nerd Block’s “Horror Block” subscription box. This package will go out to subscribers on September 25, and fans can sign up for the service at the official website up till midnight on that date to receive this shipment.

“When it comes to horror cinema, few films are as relevant today as they were when they were initially released as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD,” says Nerd Block president Russ Montague. “Horror Block fans know and love this movie, and by including it with a documentary breaking down the film’s historical relevance, I know this will lead to a new appreciation of the original.”



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