Exclusive comments, first photos: Cronenbergian “THE MIND’S EYE,” from “ALMOST HUMAN” creators


The team behind the much-admired ALMOST HUMAN have regrouped in the chilling climes of Rhode Island for the telekinetic fright fest THE MIND’S EYE. We’ve got some exclusive comments and a couple of pics to share with you.

THE MIND’S EYE reunites writer/director Joe Begos, producer Josh Ethier and star Graham Skipper from ALMOST HUMAN; Begos, Skipper and LATE PHASES’ Zak Zeman are also producing. The cast also includes Lauren Ashley Carter from JUG FACE and the current SXSW premiere POD, John Speredakos of THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD, I SELL THE DEVIL and WENDIGO, STARRY EYES and DEADGIRL’s Noah Segan (pictured above), Matt Mercer from the CONTRACTED movies, filmmaker/actor Larry Fessenden and THE BATTERY’s Jeremy Gardner. Set in 1990, THE MIND’S EYE is about a drifter with psychic powers taking on a doctor who has created a serum that induces the same abilities.

MINDSEYEEXCCOMMENTSNEWS1In charge of makeup FX are STAKE LAND’s Brian Spears (pictured right) and Pete Gerner, the former of whom tells Fango, “We are currently knee deep in blood, rubber and snow. We’re shooting during a very brutal winter, often in below-zero temperatures, and it has been brutal trying to keep the blood from freezing—but the production value we’ve gained is unmatched. For fans of David Cronenberg, we’ve got sets that look like we’re filming on the same locations as THE BROOD, and if you’ve seen SCANNERS, rest assured we are paying homage to a very infamous scene and then some.

“Joe is shooting this all old school—tons of stunts, pyro and practical effects with no CGI,” Spears continues. “He has allowed Pete and I the proper amount of time to pull off the simplest blood gags and the most elaborate gore setpieces. Fans of blood and bladders will not be disappointed! Joe has pushed the entire crew to give their best; between the weather and schedule, it has been a rough shoot, but all the hard work is going on screen. It’s been a pleasure to have Graham Skipper and John Speredakos in our chair, and those two are doing some amazing things on camera.”

MINDSEYEEXCCOMMENTSNEWS2Spears and Gerner have also contributed to such superior films as I SELL THE DEAD, WE ARE WHAT WE ARE and others, and Spears says, “I do feel THE MIND’S EYE offers the best work we’ve done to date, and that Fangorians will embrace this flick big time. If you dug what Joe and his team did with ALMOST HUMAN, then expect your mind to be blown away by the follow-up.” Stay tuned for more MIND’S EYE coverage!

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