Exclusive comments from one of the “HOLE IN THE WALL” gang on new anthology


The indie maniacs who brought you OCTOBER MOON, SCREAMING IN HIGH HEELS, SWAMPHEAD, INCEST DEATH SQUAD and others have joined forces for the new omnibus feature HOLE IN THE WALL. Read on for some exclusive quotes and to watch the trailer.

Executive-produced by OCTOBER and SCREAMING director Jason Paul Collum, HOLE IN THE WALL features segments by Derrick Carey (pictured above right with Blade Braxton), Cory J. Udler, Rob Michels, Carolyn Baker and the team of Steve Goltz and Kevin Summerfield, and stars Greg Johnson, Draven Wagner, Rob Michels, Tom Runnings, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD’s Judith O’Dea, Heather Dorff, Tom Lodewyck, Matt Kenyon and Alyssa Spangler. According to the official synopsis, the Rabid Child Films production tells of: “A brute shows a local boy hell through his haunted ax, the streets of Madison are stalked by a deranged sexual psychopath, Ed Gein is resurrected as a dentist with a penchant for extraction, the flipside of the American family screams itself to life, and an illicit drug transforms a singer into the angel of death!!!”

HOLEINTHEWALLEXCCOMMNEWS“This is easily the goriest item I’ve ever been attached to, the credit for which I have to give to the talented but sick-minded directors,” Collum tells us. “I think Fangorians will eat it right up. There are moments that made me gag and cringe; it’s really quite disturbing and downright nasty. Plus, it stars one of my favorite leading ladies, Judith O’Dea, as ‘Augusta Gein’—yep, that mother of all mothers.”

The project was the brainchild of Carey, Collum’s editor on SCREAMING IN HIGH HEELS and the SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE documentary SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. “We had great success with SCREAMING, which is probably my favorite experience to date,” Collum says. “I think Derrick enjoyed editing that and experiencing all the fanfare and crowd reactions at screenings and conventions, and it inspired him to finally take the next step. He’s been talking about doing something as a writer/director for quite a while, and shortly after SCREAMING he asked me to both help produce HOLE and write and direct one of the segments with producer/director Cory Udler of the INCEST DEATH SQUAD trilogy. I couldn’t take on that full capacity due to scheduling conflicts on other projects, but I was able to bring Judith O’Dea into the production for Cory’s segment, and essentially keep the cast and crew fed. Otherwise, I just stood back and watched Derrick and Cory do their magic.

“Many of the anthology’s stories were collected and arranged by Derrick and Cory through the Wisconsin Horror film group they launched a few years ago. Some really talented people came on board, like Greg Johnson, who’s both an actor and director and appears in HOLE as three different characters—all of them icky. There’s also Heather Dorff, who’s becoming quite the little scream queen with 37 film credits in the last five years. There are seven local filmmakers involved in HOLE, so it has been really cool to connect with my fellow Wisconsin brethren to create one of the nastiest and maybe even most offensive productions I’ve ever been attached to. Lots of teeth-pulling and torture—it’s loads of fun!”

HOLE IN THE WALL will debut as a limited-edition VHS that will be available only at the upcoming Cinema Wasteland convention, taking place October 3-5 at the Holiday Inn in Strongsville, OH. Check out the trailer below and the movie’s Facebook page here.

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