Exclusive comments: “L.A. SLASHER” director says, “LET’S BE EVIL”


Having cut into reality TV with L.A. SLASHER, which opened theatrically over the weekend, director Martin Owen takes on virtual reality in his next feature, LET’S BE EVIL. Read on for his exclusive comments on the film.

LETSBEEVILOWENNEWSOwen (who discusses L.A. SLASHER here) is currently completing postproduction on LET’S BE EVIL, which he shot in his native Britain—specifically, an underground former nuclear bunker. Kara Tointon (pictured above), Isabelle Allen, Elliot James Langridge, Helene Wilson, Elizabeth Morris and Paul Casar star in the movie, which Owen describes to Fango as “a science-fiction thriller about augmented-reality glasses. It’s basically about the U.S. government deciding to test these glasses on a group of young children, and we follow three adult chaperones who go into this facility; they’re purely there to keep an eye on the kids. However, the augmented reality starts to have an adverse effect…

“This is a very exciting project for me,” Owen continues. “We’re very, very happy with the project. We shot LET’S BE EVIL at the end of last year; we literally wrapped filming a few days before Christmas. The movie is going to be completed this summer, and hopefully it will be released before the end of the year, so it’ll be a very quick turnaround.”

Although the subject matter is very different from L.A. SLASHER, Owen believes he’s also tapping the zeitgeit with LET’S BE EVIL. “It’s like when Godzilla movies were first being made, it was a point when everyone was afraid of an atomic bomb being dropped. It came from a place of real fear, and with LET’S BE EVIL, I think there is a fear of technology these days, and how it can affect kids and potentially ruin them. It’s almost like too much, too soon, so that’s kind of what this movie is about.” We’ll being you more about LET’S BE EVIL as we find it out!

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