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Even the local library isn’t safe any more thanks to the new multistory fright feature VOLUMES OF BLOOD, which is currently making the festival rounds. Jump past the jump to see the latest trailer and some words from its creators.

A Verite Cinema production, VOLUMES OF BLOOD features five tales of terror: “That’s a Wrap!” by Lee Vervoort, “A Little Pick Me Up” by John Kenneth Muir (author of books on Sam Raimi and horror films of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s), “Ghastly” by P.J. Starks (who also produced with Jim Blanton), “Encyclopedia Satanica” by Nathan Thomas Milliner (artist of numerous comics, Scream Factory covers, etc.) and “13 After Midnight” by THREE TEARS ON BLOODSTAINED FLESH’s Jakob Bilinski. Todd Martin, Starks and Milliner wrote the movie, which was executive-produced by longtime horror actress Lynn Lowry.

VOLUMESOFBLOODNEWSThe synopsis: “Five tales of dread are interwoven when a sociology student gathers several of his friends on Halloween night at the local library to help him create a new urban legend with deadly consequences. Lily is in for a late night of researching and needs something to keep her going. It isn’t until she’s approached by a mysterious stranger that her luck may change…for the worse; a typical night of work for a librarian becomes a classic ghost story with a modern twist. Sometimes you can’t keep a bad book down; Sidney is allowed to stay after hours to study for a test. It’s not until she suddenly awakens in the darkened library that she realizes the horrifying truth of what lurks among the stacks of books after midnight. She’d better pray she doesn’t become the prey; Paige faces regrets that she’d do anything to take back. When an ancient and arcane spell book literally falls into her lap, she decides to make a grave decision.” The cast includes Jason Crowe, Roni Jonah, Alexandria Hendrick, Garret Smith, Louisa Torres, Jim O’Rear, Todd Reynolds, Jordan Phillips, Elissa Grant, Louisa Torres, Kristine Renee Farley and Kevin Roach.

“VOLUMES OF BLOOD was a true labor of love,” Starks tells Fango. “Nearly 100 artists from all walks of life came together to help create this endeavor, and I can’t thank them enough. So far, everyone seems to love the film, and that’s a testament to the passion and dedication of those who love the genre. When I came up with the concept, I wanted the film to run the gamut of subgenres, and we did just that. This is a horror film made by real horror fans for real horror fans.”

“I have always been a huge genre fan with a special place in my heart for anthologies like CREEPSHOW and the original TALES FROM THE CRYPT movie, so I jumped at the chance to work on VOLUMES OF BLOOD,” Martin says. For Milliner, VOLUMES OF BLOOD was a chance to homage the horrors he grew up with. “I don’t think any of us really understood just how much the fans were missing that element of fun that comes with sitting down with your fellow horror geeks and laughing and jumping and just having a good old-fashioned party while watching a scary flick,” he says. “It’s very easy to take yourself too seriously in this craft, and maybe sometimes it’s OK to say, ‘Let’s remember why we love this genre so much,’ and capture that magic we remember from when we were 12, staying up way too late while Mom and Dad were asleep and watching inappropriate movies that made us feel dangerous and cool.”

Bilinski, who also helmed PERCEIVING REALITY: THE MAKING OF “SCALENE” (the exhaustive three-and-a-half-hour documentary on Zack Parker’s acclaimed psychothriller), recalls that shooting his VOLUMES contribution “was a pretty intense experience. We had to knock out my segment crazy fast, which meant the actors, my director of photography, the entire crew and I were running around like monkeys on crack the whole night. I wanted the whole thing to have a bit of a retro vibe, and for us to just have some fun with it. Luckily, the film seems to be doing well and generally people seem to dig it. That’s always a good thing.”

Keep up with VOLUMES OF BLOOD’s fest progress and other developments at its Facebook page, and follow the movie on Twitter.

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