Exclusive complete Blu-ray specs, plus art: drive-in classics “AXE” and “KIDNAPPED COED”


A pair of legendary ’70s rural shockers have been rescued and given the deluxe treatment by Severin Films; read on for the full, huge specs for the upcoming Blu-ray release.

Severin’s David Gregory gave Fango the scoop that the double feature of AXE and KIDNAPPED COED will be released December 8 in a two-disc set. Written and directed by North Carolina filmmaker Frederick R. Friedel, the two movies were drive-in successes, but Friedel and his associates were beset by bad luck for years. Now the saga of the films and their rediscovery is told in the Blu-ray’s extensive, exclusive extras.

AXEKIDNAPPEDBLURAYNEWS1Both AXE (in which sadistic crooks on the run hole up in a house occupied by a disturbed young girl and her mute grandfather) and KIDNAPPED COED (Stockholm syndrome, exploitation style as the title character ends up falling in love with her abductor) have been given new 2K transfers from the original negatives, and the hybrid feature BLOODY BROTHERS will also be included, conformed from the new transfers. The bonus features are:

• AXE audio commentary by writer/director Frederick R. Friedel, production manager Philip Smoot, makeup artist Worth Keeter and PA Richard W. Helms
• KIDNAPPED COED audio commentary by writer/director Frederick R. Friedel, production manager Philip Smoot and makeup artist Worth Keeter
• BLOODY BROTHERS audio commentary by NIGHTMARE USA author Stephen Thrower
• “At Last…Total Terror!—The Incredible True Story of AXE & KIDNAPPED COED” (61 mins.)
• “Moose Magic—The George Newman Shaw & John Willhelm Story” (38 mins.)
• Stephen Thrower on AXE & KIDNAPPED COED (10 mins)
• Trailers
• TV spots
• Radio spots

AXEKIDNAPPEDBLURAYNEWS2In addition, the set includes an audio CD of the first-ever release of Shaw and Willhelm’s AXE and KIDNAPPED COED soundtracks. Discs ordered from the Severin Films website will be autographed by Friedel, and will be offered in a bundle with a limited supply of original AXE one-sheet posters, recently discovered in late distributor Harry Novak’s storeroom, also signed by Friedel.

There will also be a single-DVD edition available, containing AXE and KIDNAPPED COED with the audio commentaries, the “At Last…Total Terror” and Stephen Thrower features and the trailers and TV/radio spots. For more on Severin, check out the site linked above and the Facebook page, and look for a cover story on Friedel and his features in GOREZONE #35, on sale soon.

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