Exclusive cover: New comic from “ZOMBIE BASTARDS!” creator


The universe of the popular indie horror/comedy DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS! continues to expand with the release of the latest issue of the ZOMBIEBOMB! PRESENTS: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPER INGA comic. We’ve got the exclusive first look at the horror-oriented variant cover and more info.

Volume Two of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPER INGA, featuring artist/creator Haig Demarjian’s all-new exploits of the DYZB! heroine, debuts exclusive at Boston Comic Con this Saturday-Sunday, April 20-21. The cover seen below sports Adam Miller’s art of the evil Baron Nefarious, whose face was melted off at the end of the movie and now serves as narrator of the SUPER INGA comics; other artists who contributed include Chris “Tallboy” Coulon, Geoff Mosher (who played Baron Nefarious in the flick), Gary John Reynolds, colorist Sara Robertson, David Ferreira (who did the other cover) and more. Those who pick up the book at Boston Comic Con, where Demarjian and ZOMBIEBOMB! creator Adam Miller will be in attendance, will be able to grab a special Golden Braid Edition, which includes exclusive, never-before-available bonuses:

• Collector’s Item edition of the comic with two stories and bonus pinups

• Boston ComicCon exclusive limited-edition signed print by Miller

• Exclusive signed and numbered limited-edition foldout poster by Demarjian

• Signed, double-sided Mondo Chachi bonus comic by Geoff Mosher

• Official Golden Braid Brigade™ membership badge

• Temporary tattoo

• Special access to the Super Inga theme song by Mexican Ape-Lord

To purchase SUPER INGA and DIE YOU ZOMBIE BASTARDS!, go to the Super Inga Market, and find out more about the comic on Facebook.


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