Exclusive creepy “NIGHT VISITOR” pics; Kickstarter launch


With her directorial debut THE NIGHT VISITOR wrapped, first-time director Jennifer Blanc-Biehn has sent over a few spooky new photos just for Fango, with word about a crowd-funding campaign to help the movie through postproduction.

THE NIGHT VISITOR (which we last reported on here), stars Brianne Davis as a woman trying to protect her young son (Hudson Pischer) from the malignant presence of the title. Blanc-Biehn wrapped the movie a day ahead of schedule—which was pretty brief to begin with. “The sheer idea of shooting a feature in six days, with less than two weeks to prep and not one role cast or one crewperson hired, is cause for pause,” says producer Mark Gantt. “But there is something about just saying yes and knowing that everything you’ve done up to this point was for a reason. We knew that between Jennifer, Brianne and myself, we could pull together an amazing cast and crew. Jennifer’s passion is contagious and we all worked well together.”

“It’s coming out fantastic,” Blanc-Biehn adds. “I’ve got a great core group of talented crew and actors that I’ve been working with, and I knew that we’d be able to pull this together quickly and turn out a great project. I think it’s going to be even better than I expected, especially when you think about the time frame we had. I realized I was able to tell a story; I was sitting in the editing room saying to Mark, ‘We have a story here!’ ”

The postproduction financing campaign on Kickstarter offers contributors everything from autographed photos and digital downloads of the finished film to premiere tickets and onscreen credits. Check it out here.




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