Exclusive: Director talks “NIGHT OF THE CLOWNS”; “FEAR OF CLOWNS 2” on Blu-ray


Coulrophobia can be tough to get over, so it was no surprise when we got a few exclusive words from the creator of the FEAR OF CLOWNS movies about his third feature showcasing the painted-faced fiends.

Writer/director Kevin Kangas revealed to us that NIGHT OF THE CLOWNS, currently in preproduction, will not be a direct follow-up to FEAR OF CLOWNS and FEAR OF CLOWNS 2. “It’s going to be set in the ’80s—my decade, man!—and have a whole host of new clowns. The title may be changed, but I dig it because I love NIGHT OF THE COMET and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. We’re finishing the screenplay now, and it’s gonna be shot this year.”

NIGHTOFTHECLOWNSNEWSThe Maryland-based filmmaker recently gave FEAR OF CLOWNS 2 (pictured above) its Blu-ray debut, available from the official website of his Kangas Kahn Films. This, the sequel’s first wide release, includes a newly color-corrected version of the movie, in which the homicidal Shivers the Clown (Mark Lassise) continues to stalk original heroine Lynn Blodgett (Jacky Reres) accompanied by a new pair of frightening funnymen. The disc features not one but four commentaries: “Two of them feature me and producers Luke Theriault and Robert Ziegler; we’re pretty drunk on both of them. We did two years ago, but I thought one of them had been destroyed, which is why we did it again. Another commentary features me and producer Frank Lama, who also plays Detective Peters. This one is reasonably sober. Then I did a new commentary specifically for the Blu-ray with friend and behind-the-scenes camera guy Steve Pattee, plus Robert. Yep, you guessed it: pretty drunk.” The other bonus features are:

• “Removing the Paint: The Making of FEAR OF CLOWNS 2”

• Deleted scenes

• Outtakes

• Trailer and teaser

Look for news on the release of Kangas’ latest production, GARDEN OF HEDON, at this site shortly.

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