Exclusive DVDetails and art: “REEL ZOMBIES”

What happens when you’re trying to shoot a low-budget ghoul flick and a real invasion of the walking dead takes place? The answer is often very funny in the Canadian-made REEL ZOMBIES; we’ve got the exclusive DVD release info and the cover art.

Coming February 11 from Synapse Films, REEL ZOMBIES was directed by David J. Francis and Mike Masters, who previously made ZOMBIE NIGHT and ZOMBIE NIGHT 2 and here play themselves, trying to complete the trilogy. Unfortunately, an actual undead apocalypse has commenced, but the duo decide to forge ahead and use real flesheaters in their indie production—with the inevitable unfortunate results. A combination of horror/comedy and satire of the DIY filmmaking environment, REEL ZOMBIES will be presented in 1.78:1 widescreen with Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo; the extras are:

• Audio commentary

• Over 40 minutes of deleted scenes

• Trailer

Retail price is $19.95; check out REEL ZOMBIES’ trailer below the cover.


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