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One of the more psychologically grueling independent features of the last couple of years, Elias’ GUT is coming to DVD next month, and we’ve got the scoop on the specs as well as a first look at the cover art.

Written and directed by Elias, who previously explored lighter genre terrain in LOVECRACKED! THE MOVIE, GUT (which the filmmaker previously discussed with us here) stars Jason Vail and Nicholas Wilder as Tom and Dan, former childhood friends and co-workers who have grown apart as the former has become a family man. When Dan tries to get Tom’s attention by showing him a DVD containing what appears to be snuff footage, it send both of them into a downward spiral of potential madness and further murders. Vanguard Cinema releases the GUT disc May 28, with a 16×9-enhanced widescreen transfer and the following extras:

• Audio commentary

• “Behind the Scenes: Tom at Home” featurette

• “Behind the Scenes: Crafting Death” featurette

• “Behind the Scenes: Killing [SPOILER REMOVED]” featurette

• NIGHTMARE MEN short film

Retail price is $19.95. Elias talks GUT in Fango #324, on sale next month; you can see the movie’s Facebook page here.


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