Exclusive: Eduardo Sanchez of “EXISTS” and “LOVELY MOLLY” talks rave horror “MAULERS”


With his Bigfoot thriller EXISTS (pictured) set for limited theatrical and VOD release from Lionsgate October 24, director Eduardo Sanchez (whose previous movies include THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and LOVELY MOLLY) has further horrors in the hopper, and gave FANGORIA the details on one called MAULERS.

“There are a couple of films that I think are going to happen this fall; we haven’t had anything greenlighted, but it seems like we’re going to do at least one, if not two, by the end of the year,” Sanchez tells us. “MAULERS is one of those kinds of scripts where we sent it out to the studios and a lot of people dug it, but they were like, ‘There’s no way our bosses are gonna let you do this.’ It’s kind of a challenging film, and we are actively looking to get it financed, and we hope to be shooting that, if not this fall, then early next spring.”

As opposed to the supernatural or monstrous threats of his earlier features, MAULERS features villains who are very human—and topical. “It’s about an illegal rave that these people put on in an abandoned mall, and all the invitations are done through the Internet,” Sanchez explains. “You can’t bring your cell phone; it’s supposed to be like, whatever happens at this rave, stays at this rave. So everyone shows up and they’re all having fun, and then it turns out to be an elaborate trap that a militant group has built to kill a bunch of people.

“So it’s fairly controversial, because to me, it says something about the gun culture in this country, and that if we’re willing to live with these weapons all around us, we have to be ready for these horrific events—which are already happening. MAULERS is basically about the most horrific thing that could be done if someone actually thought about it and planned ahead. Like I said, a lot of people dug it, and how dark it is and how seemingly controversial it will be, but at the same time, it’s just not a studio thing; they don’t really make films like this, so we’re trying to finance it privately.”

While working to get MAULERS set up, Sanchez is also planning a return to the found-footage aesthetic he pioneered with BLAIR WITCH and pulled variations on in EXISTS. “One of the other films we’re developing is a mockumentary-style movie,” he reveals. “We always try to bring something new to whatever we’re doing, and even though it is found-footage, it’s going to be very different from EXISTS and very different from BLAIR WITCH. It does take place in the woods, but in a different part of the world than EXISTS or BLAIR WITCH, and it’s gonna be a cool little ride.” Look for a feature interview with Sanchez on EXISTS in Fango #337, on sale next month.

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