Exclusive first comments and photos: “SCARE CAMPAIGN,” from the “100 BLOODY ACRES” team


Strange things are beginning to happen in the severely underlit car park Fango stumbles through, the night’s location for SCARE CAMPAIGN, the new horror film from Australians Cameron and Colin Cairnes. Read on for our first words on the movie and a bunch of exclusive pics.

The Cairneses (2nd photo below) are the scaremonger siblings and horror enthusiasts behind the 2013 horror/comedy 100 BLOODY ACRES. In fact, while 100 BLOODY ACRES was receiving much positive critical response—and enduring much more untoward Internet attention thanks to on-line pirates—during its U.S. release, the brothers were sitting down to write SCARE CAMPAIGN. The film revolves around the reality TV show of the same name, in which contestants are subjected to increasingly more dangerous, difficult and frightful situations.



SCARE CAMPAIGN is largely being shot within the walls of the disused Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum in the Victorian countryside, and this time the brothers are aiming to make their movie seriously bloody scary. They have once again cast a strong mix of actors at the beginning of their careers and several veterans. Sigrid Thornton from SNAPSHOT, a.k.a. THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN, John Brumpton from THE LOVED ONES and STORM WARNING and WOLF CREEK’s Cassandra Magrath are joined by Meegan Warner (1st photo below), Olivia DeJonge (pictured at top and in 2nd photo below, and soon to be seen in M. Night Shyamalan’s THE VISIT) and Ian Meadows, along with a fine supporting cast. Behind the camera—mainly a small Olympus model—are several returnees from 100 BLOODY ACRES, such as FX artist/CRAWLSPACE director Justin Dix, who is responsible for both special makeup and production design as well as taking an acting turn, cinematographer John Brawley (who also shot LAKE MUNGO) and producer Julie Ryan.

Cameron Cairnes describes SCARE CAMPAIGN as “onion horror,” which is immediately elaborated upon by Colin: “You keep peeling back the layers, so the tone changes from one sequence to another. It’s full of surprises; one second you think you’re watching a slasher film, then it heads into some of the farcical material we know from 100 BLOODY ACRES, then it goes a lot darker. The tone shifts often, so there’s something for everyone, I think. But what holds it together is a bunch of interesting characters. Of all our work, we take special pride in them.” Rest assured we will be taking you further into SCARE CAMPAIGN soon; visit it on Facebook and Twitter.






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