Exclusive: First Full Trailer For “DICK JOHNSON & TOMMYGUN VS. THE CANNIBAL COP”


If you prefer your horror with a little camp and even less good taste, then FANGORIA has just the thing! JFR Productions and 2THIRTEEN Productions have released the first full-length trailer for DICK JOHNSON & TOMMYGUN VS. THE CANNIBAL COP: BASED ON A TRUE STORY exclusively to FANGORIA.com!

Written by John Renna and co-directed and co-produced by Renna and Chris Rados, who served as also cinematographer. Renna (DRY BONES) and Sam Qualiana (SNOW SHARK) co-star as two mismatched detectives hot on the trail of the titular cannibal (newcomer James Williams). Debbie Rochon (MODEL HUNGER), Danny Hicks (EVIL DEAD 2) and Timothy Quill (ARMY OF DARKNESS) co-star as other inhabitants of this grimy, madcap world. The film also features an appearance by Pinky Doodle Poodle, the Japanese alternative/punk rock band distributed by Good Charamel Records in Buffalo, NY, where the film was produced.

“I’ve worked on other films with Debbie, and The EVIL DEAD films are my favorite trilogy, so directing her, Danny and Tim was a dream come true,” says Renna. “Danny plays the police captain, who actually goes out into the field with Dick Johnson and Tommygun. Debbie’s character is the glue who holds the precinct house together, but she’s got a few dark secrets; and Tim plays Shabby Sammy, a shady informant who guides our heroes through the underworld. They were all super professional and added so much to their characters. They’re a riot.”

While nominally inspired by the case of New York City’s alleged “cannibal cop,” whose conviction was recently overturned, Renna and Rados’ film, which was shot over two weeks last summer, weaves together buddy cops, an imposing slasher, and crazed cultists in a comic tale of impending apocalypse.

Debbie hands up

“Working on DICK JOHNSON AND TOMMYGUN VS. THE CANNIBAL COP was a very personal experience for me,” says Rochon. “I had the chance to collaborate with a number of people I have known for a few years now who are based in Buffalo, specifically John Renna, Chris Rados and Sam Qualiana, and it was very inspiring. The reason I say that is based on the difficulties John and Chris faced making such a fun but ambitious movie against all odds. They had people bail on them for key locations, cast and crew schedules that were rather insane to work around and other very stressful factors that working with an extremely tight budget pretty much guarantees in the indie film making world. But they never lost their belief in the film and soldiered through hairier circumstances than Oliver Stone did shooting PLATOON.”

“I was so impressed with their dedication to making the film and really stepping up their game,” added Rochon. “My scenes were all with characters played by John, Sam and Dan Hicks and I don’t think there was a scene where at least one of us didn’t crack up laughing at some point. After seeing the trailer I can confidently say regardless of the cinematic jungles they had to hack their way through to get to the finish line, it is a hilarious and fun film and I am very happy I had the chance to work with these guys on the movie!”

DICK JOHNSON AND TOMMYGUN VS. THE CANNIBAL COP: BASED ON A TRUE STORY is now in post-production. Renna and Rados anticipate taking the film on the fall film festival circuit while seeking distribution. Follow the cops, crooks, naked women and cannibal on Facebook, and you can check out the exclusive full trailer and gallery below!

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